What is more concerning about Access database maintenance

MDB or ACCDB files of Access database gets corrupt due to several reasons. What gets typical in such case is complete recovery of such files with great accuracy. To sort out the issue of perfect recovery of such files, it is indeed needed to take some corrective measures like finding exact problem, utilization of correct strategy and making sure to take technical assistance from third-party too. Continue reading

Limitations of using of PST files over LAN or WAN link

Microsoft Exchange users utilize PST files in order to manage duplicate email and messages on their personal storage devices. POP3 and IMAP Account users can also create PST files to fulfill the same purpose. Unique File access commands are provided by the operating system to the computer system to read and write PST file data, whereas LAN and WAN use network-access-driven procedure to read and write files. This is why, experts suggest not to use PST files on LAN and WAN Links, as both use different PST files and network links utilize different methodologies to access data. Continue reading

Turnaround NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM Error to Safeguard Windows Data

Working with an interactive Windows Operating System has been amazingly enhanced with the contributions of innovative minds of Microsoft. Microsoft Windows has simplified the way people learn, test, implement, and demonstrate their tasks to accomplish the final outcomes, whether in the form of doc creation, email conversations, software development, or audio/video creation, etc. For seamless data fetch & retrieval operations, the latest Windows OS such as 8/8.1 & 10 works on New Technology File System (NTFS) which authentically manages the storage and retrieval of data from hard disks. Some of the extraordinary features of NTFS are: Continue reading

How to recover Windows Data during Registry corruption?

Data corruption can happen due to a lot of reasons. Windows registry corruption is one of the major issues which can lead to data corruption. So, before you get to know the solution for registry corruption, let’s know what registry is and reasons for its corruption.

What is Windows Registry?
Windows registry is basically a huge internal database having system related information including system hardware, system settings, installed software and drivers, and profile Information. Continue reading

Fixing CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) errors in PST

For every data file to process it is necessary to go through essential check just to ensure that no error is bound to data file. This mandatory check is enabled by CRC device. The cyclic redundancy check is an error-diagnosing code that is being used to detect the accidental changes made in the data file. CRCs are comfortable to use because they fit themselves in binary codes and are much easy to analyze than other error diagnosing methods. Continue reading

Restoration of entire Windows data after system issues S.M.A.R.T error warning

Windows corruption is often observed when user encounters sudden problems like virus   attack, sudden system shutdown, power issues, driver issues, hardware compatibilities, problems associated with windows registry and much more. These severe issues damps your computer and your system remains of no use. A good amount of files are sometimes kept as the back-up for the system, but that too doesn’t work in such situation. In such cases, system issues SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) error. SMART simply monitors your system HDD and issues a warning regarding some mishap. Continue reading

How to restore Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook, a Personal Storage Table or PST file is an open proprietary file format used to store copies of messages, calendar events, and other items within Microsoft software such as Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging and Microsoft Outlook. But sometimes, it may happen that your Outlook does not function properly or may display some error messages. This article talks about following an appropriate approach to restore PST file. In fact, the article deals with various problems of Outlook by providing easy solution of restoring Outlook or the PST files.

Continue reading

Know the Considerations need to be take care of while Conducting NSF to PST Migration

Communication has always played the vital role in running different operations of the business. These days, all sorts of communication are done through emails, and most of the companies or organizations are spending a good amount on the software that can be beneficial for the business and provide the trouble-free function of incoming Continue reading

How OST file get corrupted and how to get rid of OST corruption issues

OST files are made by MS Outlook when you try to work in offline mode (disrupted connection between MS Outlook & MS Exchange server). These offline storage files are very sensitive and easily get corrupted when logical or physical issues (Exchange Server crash, database corruption, user mailbox migration, user mailbox deleted, Exchange profile alteration etc.) occur. Continue reading